Magic Persia has been developed by a team of successful online community makers. We are currently seeking funding, partners or a publisher. Contact us and learn more.

This unique MMO video game simulates the itinerary along a spiritual path. It's based on the writtings of 'Attar, "The seven valleys of Love".

Build perfect and balanced societies in the Outer World, but don't forget your heart in the Inner World.

Find the harmony between politics, economics and social quality of life, and the most inner part of ourselves: the heart.

Set in Ancient Persia, in the times of Cyrus the Great, it is a semi-historical, non-violent game. You will be encouraged to keep a balance between your achievements in the material Outer world (where you have to survive and create communities and cities) and those in the spiritual Inner one.

In this self-sufficient, persistent world, a great number of its characteristics can be modified by the players, ensuring that most of the trade, politics and buildings are in their hands.

Platform: Tablets, PC / Mac.

There is a playable demo, showing an aspect of the game. Contact us and learn more.

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